A traditional rosary has a small piece of chain, 3 or more links in length, connecting the Our Father beads and the center to the Hail Mary decades.  Fourteen such small chains connect a complete rosary.  All custom rosaries in our catalog come with either sterling silver chains, gold-filled, or 14-Kt gold, depending on which precious metal findings you have ordered.  However, to further individualize and enhance the uniqueness of your rosary, we offer a choice of over thirty different spacer beads for an additional charge.  That is, in place of a traditional small chain, you can choose to have a beautiful, pink, lead crystal spacer bead, or a 14-Kt gold spacer bead, or whatever other spacer bead or beads in a combination you like. 

These beads really do enhance the attractiveness of any rosary.  Most of the beads are 3 mm in size.  We have pictured some of them in-between an Our Father bead and an 8 mm Hail Mary bead to give you a reference of size.  As you can imagine, they are harder to fashion and attach to a rosary than a chain, hence the additional charge.  Many people prefers them in lieu of a chain once they see how much more beautiful they make any rosary.  If you choose a spacer bead in place of a chain, your rosary will have 14 of these lovely spacers, one on either side of an Our Father bead, and at the top links of the rosary's centerpiece.

To pick a decorative spacer link for your rosary, visit below the link to our Spacer Bead Gallery.


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