Link-To-Us Opportunity

Does your site target visitors interested in rosary prayer, or any kind of Catholic product or topic?  If so, your site can earn you extra money from a simple link to us.

It's free, it's easy, and you can get started right away.  All it takes is putting a short text link on your site with your affiliate code that you receive once you join our free affiliate program.  We do the rest:  handle the transactions, craft the rosaries, package them and ship them.

If any visitor you refer purchases any of our items, you will receive 6% of the sales...FOR UP TO 2 YEARS AFTER THEY CLICKED YOUR LINK TO US.  Why is this important?  Because many of our customers takes weeks, even months and sometimes more than a year to create and buy a special rosary after initially visiting our site.

6% of one 14Kt 8mm Lapis Lazuli Rosary is $120, mailed to you on the 15th of the month following the sale.  6% of an 8mm sterling silver Freshwater Pearl rosary is $16.50.  If 10 visitors from your site purchased rosaries equal to the cost of the Freshwater Pearl rosary, your next month commission check would be $165.00.

This is not, however, a guarantee you will automatically have affiliate sales of this size, but an example of what you could earn,
if visitors from your site made these purchases.  A lot depends on your site, too, how much site traffic you have and how well you present a link back to us.

But, that's not all...should a visitor you referred decide to join our affiliate program, you will receive 2% of any of
their sales. 

This can add up, on top of your own visitor sales.  If sometime later a visitor you have referred, becomes an affiliate, our tracking system will automatically recognize that visitor as referred by you, and assign them as your sub-affiliate.  From then on you will receive 2% of any of their sales.  Again, all it takes is one simple link to us on your site.

Even if you already sell rosaries, a link back to us can help you make a profit off of those who didn't find what they were looking for from your selection, yet would find the exact rosary they wanted on Custom Rosaries.  To avoid deterring traffic away from your own rosary sales, we recommend placing your link to us at the very end of your rosary products as an alternative shopping place for those looking for a rosary other than what you offer. 

When you sign-up as a Custom Rosaries affiliate you will have online access 24 hours a day to your sales reports, and can see what commissions you have due to you.  You will be paid on the 15th of the month following for any sales made in that calendar month, from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month.

Click below to read our Terms Of Service, and at the bottom of the Terms Of Service page you can then join the program.

Please note: Spamming will not be tolerated with our program; however, if you have your own
**opt-in mailing list or newsletter, you may send to those opt-in members via email, advertisement on our site featuring your affiliate link.

Terms Of Service Agreement

by 'opt-in' we mean people who have agreed to receive commercial email from you, whether for promotions or newsletters, or those who have specifically asked you to send them information on online rosary shops through email contact, which can include friends or family.  You must have proof of their permission on file to send them promotional email on our site.  Sending an email promoting your affiliate link to to anyone else who has not expressly allowed you to send them any commercial email, is considered spamming.

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