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If you would like to order the rosary as shown, click the Add To Cart above.

You will be able to choose your Hail Mary and Our Father bead colors at checkout.
For color choices Swarovski Crystal, see Swarovski Crystal Color Chart here.
For Swarovski Pearls color choices, see Swarovski Pearls Color Chart here.

Hail Mary Beads:  8mm Ruby Swarovski Crystal
Our Father Beads:  Double Capped 10mm Clear Swarovski Crystal
Sterling Silver Crucifix, Madonna and Child Centerpiece, Rings, Wires, and Chains.

May be ordered with beads other than Swarovski, i.e., Gemstone Beads, Cultured Pearls, Glass beads, wood beads: Olive Wood, Cocoa Beads, etc., with your choice of Crucifix and Center.

All Sterling Swarovski Crystal Ladder Rosary Price:  $325
All Sterling Swarovski Pearls Ladder Rosary Price:  $286
All 14GF Swarovski Crystal Ladder Rosary Price:  $410

Read below for all of your options (don't get overwhelmed!! 

We just aim to please---when we say Custom Rosaries, we mean it!).













Ladder Rosaries are very labor intensive. The Rosary Artisan has to make sure when handcrafting a Ladder Rosary that the chains are not twisted and all the beads are evenly spaced from each other, even counting each individual chain link to ensure that the beads are all equally spaced, and not askew or slanted. Because of the way Ladder Rosaries are designed, Bead Spacers may be used but are charged as a double option.

1. You may switch the centerpiece, if you like, to any in our Centerpiece Gallery.  No extra charge.

2. You may switch the crucifix, if you like, to any in our Crucifix Gallery.   No extra charge.

3. You may switch the Our Father bead, if you like, to any in our Our Father Galleries.  Most have no extra charge (except 14K gold, lapis lazuli and a handful of others where indicated).

4. To have the Our Father beads without sterling silver caps, specify in the Comment Box on found at the bottom of the webpage when you checkout, located below the section where you type your Ship To address.

5. The above rosary includes the cost of your choice sterling silver Crucifix, Center, caps for the Our Fathers, chain, labor, and wires. 

6. If you would like a nice rosary case to accompany your order, you can order one of our Rosary Cases.

7. If you are also seeking a quality statue of the Blessed Virgin, we have a Fatima and a Virgin Mary statue you may like.

8.  Want to see other options available for your rosary?  Click here.

Swarovski Crystals not your thing?  Then check out all the other kinds of beads we have by clicking here.

To find out how much a Ladder Rosary made with Semi-Precious Gemstone Beads is, simply multiply the cost of the beads you have chosen by 2, then apply the Ladder Rosary Discount of $50, and you will get the cost of a Ladder Rosary using any bead you may choose, handcrafted with all Sterling Silver parts.

Finally, don't worry about not ordering the right way:  if all else fails, and you are hopelessly confused, just order the rosary you want above, and type in the Comment Box found at the bottom of the webpage when you Checkout, exactly the options you do and do not want. 

Don't worry if the price on your shopping cart isn't correct, because, due to the custom service we provide, we have set the shopping cart to only transmit your order to us securely, using the latest Secure Socket Layer technology.  That means your credit card isn't charged at the time you officially submit your order; it may look like it at the time, but you can breathe easy that this isn't the case.  We personally review your order and make sure it all makes sense and you have ordered what you intend to order.  Then, when all things are correct, we correct the prices before your credit card is charged. 

Phew!! Right?  Believe us, it's not as hard as it sounds, especially with all the experience we have processing custom orders online since 1999.  But, the first step is submitting your order, then we take it from there.  Usually we are able to fix any confusion with a single email to you; sometimes, though, if need be, we will telephone you to get it all straight.

For personalized and immediate assistance, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-877-844-4916, and one of us at CustomRosaries would be happy to help you with your special rosary.






















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