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All 14K Gold Rosary
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Price as shown:  $2675. (NOTE: All 14kt Gold Orders have an added Gold Surcharge due to Market Fluctuations). Sterling Silver Version: $195 14ktGF: $245
Read below for all of your options (don't get overwhelmed!! 
We just aim to please---when we say Custom rosaries, we mean it!

You may switch the centerpiece, if you like, to any in our 14K centerpiece gallery.
You may switch the crucifix, if you like, to any in our 14K crucifix gallery
Final price depends on crucifix you select.  For instance, the base price of the 14K gold rosary pictured abve, without crucifix and center is: $1650. The 14kt Gold Heart crucifix pictured above is priced at $675.  The rosary, as shown above, is priced at $2675.  If you decide to switch to another crucifix such as 14K173CR, which is $115 higher, when we receive your order, we will add the additional $115 to the final price of this rosary.  If you select a lesser priced crucifix, such as 14K5CR, which is priced at $525, we will deduct $150 from the final price of your rosary, reducing the total to $2525.

All 14K centerpieces are priced the same, so whichever one you choose will not affect the final price.  To switch your crucifix or centerpiece, just type in the Comment Box on the bottom of your checkout page, the item number of the crucifix and/or centerpiece you want instead of those shown, such as, "I want to switch the crucifix to 14K3CR and the centerpiece to 14KCTR387."

Close up of 14K crucifix and 14K centerpiece.  All of our 14K gold crucifixes and centerpieces are individually die struck from a solid bar of gold.  Each one undergoes up to 15 hand operations, each one performed by an experienced craftsman.  Free engraving. Specify what you want engraved on the back of your 14K gold crucifix in the Comment Box on your order form when you check out. Your crucifix can be engraved with a name/date or special brief message, such as "Mom & Dad 50 Years".

Want a different kind of Hail Mary bead?  Our Father bead?  Something other than chains?

Okay, visit our 14K Gold Rosaries Design center

Or, see our Cultured Pearl Rosary in 14kt White Gold by visiting Eve's Glory 14K White Gold Rosary

You can design your own special rosary by visiting our design page and create from scratch any kind of 14K gold rosary you want, in any combination.  And, if you don't see what you want there, email us with what you are looking for and we will let you know if it can be done and how much.

Finally, don't worry about not ordering the right way:  if all else fails, and you are hopelessly confused, just order the rosary you want above, and type in the Comment Box found at the bottom of the webpage when you Checkout, exactly the options you do and do not want. 

Also, don't worry if the price on your shopping cart isn't correct, because, due to the custom service we provide, we have set the shopping cart to only transmit your order to us securely, using the latest Secure Socket Layer technology.  That means your credit card isn't charged at the time you officially submit your order; it may look like it at the time, but you can breathe easy that this isn't the case.  We first personally review your order and make sure it all makes sense and you have ordered what you intend to order.  Then, when all things are correct, a real human being in our office, fixes the prices to the right charges before any charge is made to your card. 

Phew!! Right?  Believe us, it's not as hard as it sounds, especially with all the experience we have processing custom orders online since 1999.  But, the first step is submitting your order, then we take it from there.  Usually we are able to fix any confusion with a single email to you; sometimes, though, if need be we will telephone you to get it all straight.


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