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We welcome your desire to trade links with us.  Our only criteria is that your site is:

  1. Catholic-based, whether personal, non-profit or commercial.
  2. Does not conflict with any teachings of the Catholic Church.

Our link area provides several benefits to those we exchange links with.  In order to reap the benefits,
a reciprocal link is required on your main page or links page. 

If you place your link on your links page, your links page
MUST have a direct link to it on your home page.  If you do not have a links page, you can provide a link back to us through one of our banners on your home page, or using plain text link.  If you place your banner on any other page on your site, this page MUST have a direct link to it on your home page.

If your site meets our requirements above, it will be added to our
Ultimate Catholic Links, where you will gain the following benefits:

  • Link Partner status.  As a Link Partner, your site will stay at the top of our Link Directory pages . This will make it easier for our visitors to find you if you are a 'Link Partner'.

  • Your link gets a Link Partner's Star next to your description for as long as you remain a link partner.

  • Added, free exposure in the search engines, as we actively promote our Ultimate Catholic Links through pay-per-click search engines.

  • Link popularity with our reciprocal link back to you, an important factor search engines use to determine placement of your website.  The more reciprocal links you have, the higher your website is ranked in popularity.

  • We provide a link back to you in a categorized listing which makes it very easy for people to find you. This is not a database oriented listing and therefore it is indexed with the search engines as well.

Instructions for adding a Link and becoming a 'Link Partner'

  1. Add our reciprocal link now, using this URL to link back to us:

You may link back with a text link or use one of our banners.  Below is a text link you can click and paste into your html.  You may also provide a different text description, fitting to your link page's style.  To use the text link below, simply click anywhere in the box, then use right click on your mouse, then select
all.   Right click again and select copy, then paste the code to your site.

This is how that link will look on your website (you can change the font colors & sizes how you like):

Custom Rosaries -- Design a unique, special Catholic rosary.  Order directly online from our wide inventory of beautiful beads, crucifixes and centerpieces.  Our experts will handcraft your rosary for you.

  1. Email us at after you have added our link, and provide the following:
a) your URL address where you have added our link to your website.
b) your web site's title
c) a brief description of your Catholic website as you would like listed in our directory
d) your web site's URL address
e) the category you would like your link listed in (if appropriate, your site can be listed in more than one category; submit the additional categories you deem appropriate for your site)

Upon submitting your link information, your site will be reviewed for compliance and content. You will be notified whether we approved or disapproved your request (disapproval will only be for one of 2 reasons, either your site is not Catholic-themed and/or you have not provided a reciprocal link; otherwise your site will be accepted, no matter what type of Catholic site you have, whether ecommerce, personal or non-profit).

Reciprocal links are routinely checked automatically.  As long as our automatic system verifies you maintain your reciprocal link back to us, your site will remain listed. 

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