How To Order a 15 or 20 Decade Rosary

Click here to see a 20 Decade Rosary representing all 4 Holy Mysteries of the Rosary including the New Luminous Mystery.

The complete traditional Rosary consists of 15 decades, but it is further divided into 3 distinct parts, each containing five decades; called the Joyful, the Sorrowful, and the Glorious Mysteries.  October 16, 2002 Pope John Paul II encouraged the addition of a new set of mysteries, bringing the total number of decades, if prayed consecutively, to 20 decades.  This new set of mysteries, called the Mysteries of Light, may be prayed on a traditional 5-decade rosary, or you may wish a special devotion on a special rosary made with all of the 4 mysteries together. 

We can make your special 15 or 20 decade rosary from any of our beads.  Simply choose any rosary from our custom rosary beads or our example rosaries and order in the quantity of 3 for a 15 decade or 4 for a 20 decade rosary.  So, if you want an all 8mm black onyx 20-decade rosary, you order a black onyx rosary in the quantity of 4, which equals 20 decades. Do you want to have three different rosaries in alternating rows for your 15-decade rosary, or four alternating decades for your 20-decade?  That's no problem.  Simply order 1 of each of the rosary decades you want to alternate, and tell us in the Comments Box how you want them.  For instance, if you chose an Amethyst rosary, a Quartz Crystal Clear rosary and a Rose Quartz rosary to make up your 15-decade rosary you would first order one of each.  Then on your order form, you would tell us in the Comments Box something like "I want the 1st decade Amethyst, the 2nd decade in Quartz Crystal Clear, and the 3rd decade in Rose Quartz, following that pattern throughout the rosary."  Get the idea? It's your rosary, be as creative or traditional as you like! We will e-mail you we when get your order to confirm what you want.

Here is what a 15-decade rosary would cost using the above example:

5 decades made of 8mm Amethyst ordered here Hail Mary Beads                    $225.00

5 decades made of 8mm Quartz Crystal Clear ordered here Hail Mary Beads   $210.00

5 decades made of 8mm Rose Quartz ordered here Hail Mary Beads               $165.00

(price includes any 1 sterling silver centerpiece from Centerpieces)                    $    0.00

(price includes any 1 sterling silver crucifix from Crucifixes )                             $    0.00

16 Our Father beads of 10mm black onyx Our Father Bead Gallery 3              $    0.00

Sterling silver smooth spacer beads from Spacer Bead Gallery (3 sets x $15)    $  45.00

                                                         Shopping Cart Total Shown                       $645.00

                                                                             15-Decade Discount             -$100.00

                                                                                            SubTotal                 $545.00

                                           Priority Mail Shipping/Handling/Insurance               $  13.45

                                                                                   Grand Total                     $558.45

In the Comment Box found when you check out, type in you are ordering a 15 or a 20 decade rosary.  You will receive a $100 discount off your order's total for a 15-decade and $150 for a 20-decade, which we will apply before manually processing your order, and e-mail you with the corrected total.

Please note, that your discount will not show up on your original order.  Although you immediately receive a receipt after placing your order online, your credit card isn't actually charged until we personally review your order.  Because we offer so many options for our customers, we have found this the best way to operate.  The $100 discount reflects that a 15-decade rosary is three rosaries with only one crucifix and center, so we take off the price of two crucifixes and two centers.  A 20-decade rosary is discounted the price of 3 crucifixes, and 3 centers.

Your rosary will take 15-25 hours of labor to make, depending on how simple or complex you have chosen it to be.  All our 15- or 20-Decade Rosaries are handcrafted with a special non-snag and locked loop technique that will assure your rosary does not come apart due to weight, normal use or fair wear and tear. Although custom orders are non-returnable, your rosary carries a lifetime guarantee from defects in material and workmanship. 

Picture of a 15-Decade Rosary of brown goldstone Hail Marys, yellow jade Our Fathers, and black Czech Spacer Beads made for a customer.

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